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Spa Therapies

A woman always wants to look good, but there's one special occasion when looking good doesn’t quite satisfy her, for she wants to look stunning and mesmerizing. It’s the wedding occasion - an occasion when every bride-to-be wants to pull out all the stops to make her body glint ‘n' shine. An occasion when she dreams of looking like a pretty princess, all set to sweep her prince charming off his feet. Cleopatra helps you translate this long-cherished dream into a treasured reality. We offer comprehensive bridal beauty care that encompasses a whole array of beauty enhancing packages. Call us to know more about our bridal and pre-bridal packages.

Cleopatra - The Best Spa and Salon

  • Awarded Best Spa & Wellness Chain

    Cleopatra won the Best Chain of Spa and Wellness in North India award. So why not get your spa, pre-bridal and bridal package, including the spa therapies, body detoxification, and wellness therapies done from the best?
  • Awarded Best Bridal Make-up Studio

    Cleopatra won the Best Bridal Make-up award, presented by renowned actor Karishma Kapoor. So why not get your bridal and pre-bridal makeup done from the best?