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Hair Tips For Summers


If there were a popularity contest for hair color, platinum would have a winning streak. It was already huge for spring, but now that Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, and Zoë Kravitz have joined the club, there’s no end in sight. It’s a big commitment—and easier done when short, as you see here—but you also can’t go wrong with the platinum lobs Karlie Kloss and Emma Stone just got either.


Bronde (think a dark-toned blond), as seen on Gigi Hadid, gives hair that sun-kissed, just-back-from-vacay look. To cop a similar vibe, Stephanie Brown, colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York, recommends asking your colorist to place the brightest, palest highlights around your face.

Brown Highlights

Hair color doesn’t have to be dramatic. Exhibit A: Selena Gomez’s ombré from deep brown to medium brown. It’s easy, low-maintenance, and adds bronze tones that flatter her skin tone.

Bottom-Half Highlights

If ombré and highlights had a love child, “goddess highlights” (as hairstylist Kristin Ess calls them) would be it. “Occasionally Jenna [Dewan Tatum] wants a natural, sun-kissed pop of color in her dark hair, but we both love her dark hair so much we never part with it completely,” she told us. That’s where this look comes in. “It’s basically finer strands of ombré and just as low maintenance,” Brown adds. “The look can last up to eight months without needing a touch-up.” Sold.


Another take on “goddess highlights”—this time on curls. A few well-placed washes of caramel on model Ashley Moore’s hair gives her gorgeous texture even more dimension.

Chocolate Brown

Natural brunettes have a tough time with some hair colors, since many of them (think rainbow and pastel hair) require lightening your hair first, which can cause damage. But Demi Lovato’s latest shade of brown, with warmth and depth that’s especially pretty in the sun, makes a strong case for keeping it dark. Her colorist and stylist, Amber Maynard, called it: “F@$k Yah Chocolate.”

Face-Framing Highlights

Balayage isn’t necessarily new, but concentrating it around face, like Ciara’s here, sure is. It looks just as good in the recent return of her postpregnancy locs.

Millennial Pink

It was only a matter of time before rose gold transitioned into the official color of millennials, as seen on 901 Salon hair muse Arielle Vandenberg. This shade of pink looks good on just about everyone, according to Brown. If you’re going to go for it, she recommends adding Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink Cream Hair Color to your conditioner to help the pink stay put.

Dark Roots, Light Ends

Think of this as an elegant—but still easy—take on visible roots. Why a quick color switch like this works: “It’s already grown out, but without the harsh line you can get from doing highlights at the root,” says Brown. That’s why it’s perfect if you have very dark hair and want a low-maintenance option. Wash with a purple shampoo, like Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights, to keep the blond tones bright, not brassy.

Strawberry Blond

If millennial pink is a little too, well, millennial for you, strawberry blond is a more wearable take. Darker tones at the roots, like on Blake Lively, makes it look surprisingly natural.

Cool Brown

Ashy brunette shades can be striking. A single-tone color, here on Solange, is equal parts low-maintenance and effortlessly cool. (Sort of like Solange herself.) “There’s been a trend of going darker lately with hair color,” says Brown. “We’re moving away from a heavy highlighted or severe ombré look and going for a more solid, cool brunette look.” To keep the cool tones, wash your hair once a week with Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo.

Summer Red

Calling all redheads! (And bottle redheads!) Weaving golden tones into your hair creates a shade that celebrity colorist Marissa Marino calls a “summer red.” It’s more strawberry than blond, which is exactly the point.

Nude Ombré

Nude tones—a.k.a. neutrals that blend with your skin tone and match your coloring—graduated from highlights (their initial iteration this spring) to ombré. “If you’re blond with pale skin, you can go sandy or beige with your highlights,” says Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist in New York City. “If you have olive skin or darker, go more toward tortoiseshell or toffee.”

Smoky Silver

This is one way to make your staple ponytails and buns look cool as hell, and those silvery tones will keep you from being mistaken for grandma. The one caveat with gray hair, says Brown, is that it requires a lot of maintenance to prevent fading. So she recommends using Overtone Vibrant Silver Daily Conditioner to help the silver tones last longer.

Classic Ombré

With a deep side part and cropped, angled cut like Jourdan Dunn’s, ombré takes on new life. It starts closer to the roots for extra drama. Excuse us while we go look for some scissors.

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