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Winter Skincare Secrets

Winters are hot! Isn’t it? That winters come again and again, and yet don’t seem to be a warmed-over season testifies the fact that winters are hot. However, winters can give you some skin niggles. Human skin is vulnerable to the biting chill of the cold weather. As a result, facial skin care is out-and-out important, especially during the winter season.


Winter Skin Niggles

Termed as xerosis or asteatosis, dry skin is a common winter skin problem. Human skin contains a coating of natural that is produced by the skin oil glands.

However, in winters, this natural oil is not produced the way it should be. This leads to a condition called dry skin that can lead to flaky skin, inflammation of the skin, allergies of the skin, infection of the skin, and other skin problems.

The major problem in the winter season is that humidity levels go down. And the lack of humidity leaves the skin dry. This is not all. In winters, there is a marked difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. While it’s chill outside,

you keep it warm and cozy indoors. And this indoor heating causes the skin to be tight and rough.


Water Saves Your Skin

To overcome winter facial skin problem, you should have a proper facial skin care routine. And an important part of this routine is to have lots of water everyday. This can prevent the dryness of the skin and provide sufficient moisture to the facial skin. Most of the winter-related skin allergies can be alleviated by drinking sufficient water everyday.

Besides, drinking water is good for overall health that can improve the resistance to the skin itching and infection. So, drink water, but avoid drinking caffeine-based or alcohol-based drinks. Such drinks make your skin prone to infections.


Use Herbal Moisturizer and Humidifier

As scarcity of humidity in winter leads to dryness of the facial skin, frequently applying moisturizer (especially the herbal ones) on the skin keeps the facial skin well-moisturized and healthy. Studies show that applying moisturizer on the face immediately after having a bath can work wonders for your dry skin. It is recommended to use a herbal moisturizer at least twice a day.

Apart from using moisturizer for facial skin care, you should use a humidifier in your rooms that keeps the humidity levels right.


Organic Exfoliation

Low humidity level in the winters not only makes the skin dry, but also leads to dead skin cells. That is why organic exfoliation should be a part of your facial skin care routine. Organic exfoliation removes the dead skin. You can opt for a whole host of effective homemade recipes for your organic exfoliation.

Honey, orange juice, lemon, and oat are some good organic materials for a safe organic xfoliation.


Appropriate Meals

Winter facial skin care entails taking a balanced diet. What you eat is what you look – this adage is as true as ever. So, you must ensure that you are eating right in winters. Your meals must include green leafy vegetables, salad, cheese, milk, soaked walnut, and curd. Natural source of Vitamin C such as orange and amla should also be consumed in good amounts.

In winters, skin lipid is utilized to provide heat to keep your body warm and keep the facial skin healthy. So, here’s another reason why your daily intake of food should be appropriate in winters.


Use herbal soaps
Using alkaline soaps in winters can actually kill your skin. So, don’t do that. You should know that the harsh winters are already lousing up your skin, and you ave to buff it up by using a mild herbal soap. The market is awash with so many herbal soaps to suit different skin types and preferences. Usually, glycerin based herbal soaps are a preferred choice in winters, for they moisturize the skin and retains its glow.


Ayurveda Tips for winter skin care

  •  Use a moisturizing oil such as almond, lavender, or neroli oil. You can use the mixture of two or more of these oils.
  •  Use a mixture of rose water and honey to apply on the face. This will moisturize your skin.
  •  Banana, papaya, peach, and avocado are natural skin moisturizers, so you can use them on your skin.
  •  Natural mayonnaise is also reckoned as a good natural skin moisturizer.
  •  Apply a quality herbal cream on your face.

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