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The Skin Types

Vata Skin Type
The vata skin type is naturally dry, cool to the touch, thin, and pale. This type of skin gets easily dehydrated, and it is as well affected by windy, dry weather. Due to its dryness, vata skin is prone to poor circulation and premature aging. People with this skin type also tend towards being nervous, anxious, and worried. These tendencies make Vata skin drier, rougher, and prone to wrinkles and freckles. Blood vessels of Vata skin types are seen quickly as a result of its thinness of their skin. Their lips tend to be somehow pale due to reduced circulation. However, Vata Skin Types are lucky to have less acne.

Pitta Skin
This skin type is more sensitive to the sun. The skin burns quickly from sun exposure. Its imbalance results in rashes, acne, in addition to other inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis. The Pitta skin type requires both cooling and nurturing. If you have a pitta skin, you are supposed to use products that help improve resistance to heat from the sun. Also, avoid therapies and tanning treatments that can expose your sensitive, delicate skin to steam for long periods.

Kapha Skin
Kapha skin type is naturally beautiful. This skin type tends to be fleshy and full of moisture. However, Kapha skin has a tendency of accumulating more toxins that makes the skin to have skin growths, skin eruptions, large pores, and a stained coating. Kapha skin types are prone to blackheads and acne. If you have this type of skin, you have an advantage of a thicker skin that helps to delay signs of premature aging and a complexion that feels soft to the touch.

The key to Vata skin
Vata skin requires hydrating and nourishing too. This skin type has a risk of premature aging as a result of a lack of well-nourished tissues in the body. Vata skin types are supposed to eat whole grains, cooked vegetables, and drink warm milk. These are nutritious foods that are full of nutrients, and they are easy to digest. Ginger is also good to replenish Vata skin since it helps in increasing metabolism as well as improving digestion. These have an impact on the thickness, color, and the moisture of the skin. Vata skin types are required to avoid raw vegetables as their digestion is somehow weak to break them down to get the nutrients.

Keys to Pitta skin
Pitta skin types require remaining cool because this skin is likely to burn quickly. This skin type requires a lot of care because it is prone to conditions like rosacea, rashes, pigmentation issues, and it is generally sensitive. Nourish the Pitta skin type with products that will soothe, help reduce inflammation, and prevent redness and rosacea.
If you have this skin type, you are supposed to eat watery fruits such as melons, pears, and mangos. Pitta dissolves the heat from your skin. Thus you need to have much intake of wet foods to keep it in balance. Eat foods that are cool like rose petal jam and coconut oil because they help to reduce inflammation of the skin.
Pitta skin gets irritated by eating spiced foods. Therefore, you are supposed to avoid foods like black pepper, jalapenos, and chilies if you have this type of skin. The heat found in highly spiced foods further add heat to Pitta people’s average internal temperature.

Keys to Kapha skin
Those with Kapha skin types should focus much on removing toxins from their body. They should take spicy foods because spicy food assists in stimulating food digestion. Kapha skin type has the slowest metabolism. Thus, they require all the additional heat that their food has to give. On the other hand, dense, oily foods should be avoided by Kapha skin types since their skin tends to have too much oil and their digestion is slow also.


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