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Secret Makeup Tips for Oval Shape Face

Ever wondered how the top-rung makeup artists deliver an endearing look for almost any face? Yes, it’s their craft, skills, knowledge, and creativity. But! It all starts with the basics. They do the basics right. They just see the face shape, and they know what works best for every face shape.


Here are a few secret tips for Oval Face


An oval-shaped face is reckoned as the most balanced shape. Makeup on an oval shape can look endearing.

Here are a few tips

When applying your favorite satin-finish or matte bronzer, try using a tapered brush. The right way to go about it is to start from the temples, gently moving towards the center of the face. If you want that cherished air-brushed finish – you can apply a tinge of blush on the temples, and gently rolling it towards the cheeks.

A fan brush can be a good option for the highlight. The trick is to gently apply on the face’s temples, brow bone, nose-bridge, cupid’s bow, and the chin.

For an oval shape, contouring gives just the right balance it needs. It subtly accentuates the center of the face by playing down the forehead.

When you apply your preferred matte powder or cream, just try to keep it one or two shades darker than your skin tone and foundation.

While applying the foundation, try to precisely shade the parts that you want to define more – whether it’s the nose, forehead, chin, or cheekbones.

Also, just see if contouring the sides of the forehead can make your hairline look better and narrower. Contouring below the cheekbones can spice things up. So, contour from the ears up to the middle of the cheeks.

If you like, you can try and highlight the middle of the forehead and chin. Gently move the brush from the center of the forehead towards the nose bridge. Likewise, from the brow bone to the cheekbone. Do this in C-shaped motion to get it right.

To add the spark around the eyes – highlight under the eyes, along the brow bone. Using a blush brush, gently apply blush right from the apples of the cheeks, blending upward with a blush brush. Remember, if you apply it too low on the face, the jawline may lose the definition and may look bulkier.

A subtle eyeshadow can work wonders. You can go for a natural look rather than a gaudy one. Further, to have defined eyelids, you can contour with a bronzer. You can then add smudged eyeliner under your lashes, to top it with mascara.

And then you are all set for the right lipstick. Depending upon your lip-shape, complexion, and the overall look you want – choose the right lipstick color.


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