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Secret Makeup Tips for Heart-shape Face

Makeup is about celebrating the way you look. It’s about looking the best version of yourself by accentuating your face’s better aspects and features. All said and done – it’s about feeling happy and confident in your skin.

Pulling off the right makeup starts with understanding your face shape. You have an added to reason to smile if you are blessed with a heart shape face. Here are a few expert tips on makeup for heart shape face.

A heart-shaped face is widest in the area above the ears and around the forehead. And narrowest at the chin. Having a perfect contour at the widest part is the key to getting the overall makeup right for a heart shape face. What it does is – your forehead looks less prominent and strikes the right balance with the pointed chin.
Gently bring the contour down on the forehead. Further, contour under the cheekbones as well. Just ensure that you blend the contour all the way. The shades of bronze can be avoided. Natural tones are recommended.

It’s important to weave a harmonious look, so contour both sides of the nose and below the chin. Don’t forget highlighting the area under your eyes, the center of the forehead, the center of the nose, and about halfway along the jawline.

For highlight – use a concealer lighter than the foundation. Now apply a line down the center of the nose, two stripes under the eyes, and two stripes halfway along the jawline to give it a tad wide look to match the forehead.

Don’t go too wide in highlighting the cheeks. The cheeks need not look too wide. A bit of highlighter at the top of the cheeks is good enough for a heart-shaped face.

For blush on heart-shape face, you can follow the two-finger rule.  Place the index and the middle fingers on the apple of the cheek. Now gently blush sweeping across the apples of the cheeks, and then further up the cheek. And don’t forget to blend.

For the eyes, you can try a vibrant eyeshadow to perk up the overall makeup. And rounded brows work best for heart-shaped faces.

Remember, it’s easier to balance a heart-shaped face, with the help of a bronzer on the forehead, blending down onto the temples and below the cheekbones.


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