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Why do two ,seemingly identical dark-blue eye shadows look the same in package, but after application, one has a more intensive shade while the other fades and becomes grey?

A good eye shadow should flawlessly integrate with the skin color. eye makeup should not change its colour, or fade, or smear and bleed into the eyelid after application. Equally important: eye shadow-like every single cosmetic applied on the sensitive area around the eye-cannot irritate the conjuctiva. on the other hand, it ought to be sebum resistant without drying the skin on the eyelids.



apply a little loose powder on your hand in order to remove the fat and to matte the skin. Then with a brush, apply the eye shadow on your wrist.



-is it has velvety and homogenous consistency and leave smooth film?

-rub and see it stick to skin well and should not bleed much .

-does the eye shadow change its colour after being applied on skin?.

when low quality ingredients are used, the eye Shadow will spread badly and will change its colour after touching the skin, making its shade different than in the package. always do the test in daylight-it will be easier for you to notice the defects of the eye shadow ,or if it changes its color or becomes grey after application.


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