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How about Polka-Dot eye makeup?

New eye makeup styles and trends keep jigging around the beauty industry as well as on the social media. The polka-dots cut crease eye makeup seems to be the new “I like it!” eye makeup for the young ladies. It’s really something that can make your eyes catch everyone’s eyes.

Don’t know yet about this cut crease eye makeup? It entails using contrasting and unblended colors to finely define your eyelid creasing.

Imagine the beautiful polka dots of contrasting colors on your eyelids. Sounds something? If you want to see how it looks on your eyes, here are the quick steps:

  •  To create those wonderful, defined polka dots of liquid eyeliner or eye shadow – you can use the rounded end of your makeup brush.
  •  You can use a nail-art dotting tool as well to create those perfect dot shapes. Toothpick can be another option.
  •  You can use liquid lipstick as well for the dots. Good liquid lipsticks will ensure that your polka dots stay-long and look mesmerizing. Further, the liquid lipstick tends to dry faster and doesn’t let the dots spread.
  •  It’s good to make your skin surface smoother so that the dots are sharper and smoother.
  •   The color-contrast selection makes such a difference. So, pick your contrasting colors carefully to have them jibe with your overall look, makeup, and dress.


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