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Hmm…is Buttery Makeup the new trend?

So, some young girls are vying to have that absolute radiant, glistening sheen – to have that lustrous, buttery look!

Is it just the new craze over the internet, or a new trend in the making? Fingers crossed! But one thing is for sure, the buttery look makes the face and the skin look creamier and healthier.

Buttery makeup makes the skin look soft, natural, glossy, silky, and smooth – feels like butter.

It all boils down to the right know-how and a perfect makeup technique to achieve that “buttery” look.

Layering is the key to buttery makeup. Yes, multiple layers intact! You need to master the art of layering if you want that perfect buttery look.

Start with an illuminating primer to set the stage for the dewy look. Apply it on the high points of your face, smoothening it onto the rest of the skin. Try and get that opalescent sheen.

A dewy foundation is what you need. Nothing else! For a natural look, use the fingers to apply it. It may feel messy, but it does a perfect job.

For your cheeks, you need to go for liquids and creams for blush and highlighter. The idea is to keep things creamy and hydrated. For contour, you can use a powder to keep the depth in the face.

The buttery look works best on normal as well as combination skin types. For dry skin, it doesn’t set in well without the right skin prep. You need to first exfoliate any dry patches, and hydrate the skin to get that savory, buttery look.


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