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Golden makeup tips For the fab 40s

By the time it strikes 40 on the age-clock, most ladies have learned their share of lessons about what works best for their life…skin, face, and makeup.

So being in 40s is a cool thing to go a step further in ensuring that you refine and redefine the look. Now that the skin is ageing, a few things may need a tweak in your makeup routines.

Here are some golden tips you can stash in your beauty closet.

Blurring Primer

When in 40s, the expression lines around the forehead, eyes, and mouth can make their presence felt – perhaps, not to your liking. The blurring primer formulas claim to finely soften and hide the fine lines. So, you tend to get a more youthful base, which the regular primers may not be best at. Here’s a tip for applying the blurring primer – don’t swipe it on like you do it with a moisturizer. Instead, press the primer into your skin.

Liquid Foundation

In 40s, the estrogen levels tend to go down which in turn make the skin look and feel dry and a tad jaded. Powder makeup usually dehydrates the skin. Not just that, it sits into fine lines to further accentuate them.

So, to ensure this doesn’t happen, you will be better off using organic cream-based products. Keeping the skin hydrated all times is so important. To get that supple, flawless, dewy finish – apply the cream using a damp makeup sponge.

Corals & Pinks

Lips aren’t their same luscious self when you are in your 40s. Now is the time to play smart and avoid lipsticks of deep shades. Why? Because these shades can make the lips look thinner. Good to opt for roses, pinks, and corals to add that youthful, refreshing flush to your lips.

Fuller Brows

As you age, hormonal changes may cause the hair to become thinner and brittle. Yes, even the brow hairs! So, you can avoid using a dark brow pencil to fill in your arches. You can replace it with a good quality fiber gel. It tends to create the illusion of more individual hairs – looks natural.

Brighten up the eyes!

The eyes now may not have the same glint they once used to have in the younger years. They may not look as wide as they did. Nothing to worry though! Just take extra care of your eyes. And brighten them up with a tinge of matte brown shadow. Work it into the crease to create the illusion of bigger eyes.


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