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Game-changing Hair Color Trends

Game-changing Hair Color Trends

One way of adding the spark to your new year celebrations is getting that enticing new hair color to herald a pretty new year.

Here are some options you can consider.

Baby Blond

Want to go light? But not full-on platinum? Then baby blond is something for you to consider. A warm, pale base color with some highlights can work wonders. This shade looks cool with a warm feel to it. Works for almost all skin tones.

Caramel Ombré

If you are tall brunette, caramel ombré highlights can be an option. It tends to soften up the look, with a warm feel to it. The look is dark with subtle highlights and neutral tones.

Pastel Balayage
If you want to have a color that’s fun and makes you stand out – pastel balayage is an option. The color is painted on smaller chunks of hair. Although a bit of a high maintenance color option, but worth trying if you like the vivid look.

Sandy-Beige Blond
For those who want a low-maintenance blond option – sandy beige blond can be a good option. You can try the overall hair having a tad darker neutral base, with a few brighter pieces around the face.

Dusty Copper

A good blend of neutral tones with copper shade, this hair color gives silky, warm look. A good copper base with a mixture of subtle highlights and lowlights can look awesome.

Beachy Brond

For those who like light color options – a beachy blond-brunette is a good option. Since it lets the natural color shine through, the highlights act simply as an accent. So, the look is not dramatic but subtle and impressive.
Wood Brown

This one is a good option for brunettes who prefer a dark base and want those swirling highlights of pale ash and lighter brown shades. It looks different and exciting.


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