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Facial Exercises for a Beautiful Face

A good-looking face is not only about proper skin care. There is much more to it than that. Let us face it folks there comes a time when the sands of time go slack, saggy, and crepey.

Something that should make you feel better is that those bags and sags are muscles in your face that are going soft. All you have to do are facial exercise daily to make them taunt and strong like they used to be. Facial exercises are for all ages. The perfect time is when you are younger and do the exercise to keep looking younger than your years.

Heard about isometrics?

Isometrics is a form of facial exercise. For example, leaning your head back a bit, opening, and closing your mouth. You will feel the muscles in your neck flexing. This exercise is to keep the neck tight. Another example is when you are putting lotion on your neck. Take your fingers in an upward stroke. This also tightens neck muscles.


Try This Exercise

Believe it or not, the more you laugh the more you exercise your face. Laughing gets rid of all the tension in your face. On the other hand, you can try this exercise:


  • Scrunch up your face, make sure the wrinkles are in your forehead. Tightly close your mouth and eyes
  • and make sure your nose is wrinkled.
  • Now do the opposite open your eyes and your mouth Next, close your mouth and purse your lips.
  • Now push and take your mouth up to the right then to the left.Now grin from ear to ear.Tuck in your chin to tighten the neck muscles.
  •  Such a facial exercise can make your facial muscles strong. Strong facial muscles make your face strong and smooth.


Here is one for the forehead:

  • Frown and with the help of your fingers bring your eyebrows over your eyes. Pull your eyebrows and lift them when you open your eyes.
  • Next, lie down on your bed and look at the ceiling for a few minutes. Lift your eyebrows upward with your eyes open. Rest for a moment and do this again. Do this about 10 times.
  • Next sit straight and look straight ahead for a few minutes.
  • Wrinkle your nose with eyebrows in the down position. Count to 10. Take a rest then do this about six more times.


These are for your eyes

  • To tone the muscles around your eyes press your fingers on each temple. Remember to do this gently or you will give yourself a headache! This creates pressure to the forehead.
  • Next, sit straight and close your eyes. Next, look up and then down as far as you can with your eyes closed. Do this about 10 times.
  • With this exercise sit straight and close your eyes. Lift your eyebrows and stretch your eyelids up and down. Do this one about six times.
  • This exercise is pretty much the same except open your eyes and relax. Lift your eyebrows and close the top of your lids.
  • With this one open, your eyes while sitting straight and look straight ahead. Look up and down. Do this about 10 times.



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