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Bridal Beauty Trends 2019

Loose Wave

Leaving hair down is an easy way to channel elegance on your big day. Loose, soft waves are particular popular wedding hairstyles for medium hair, and can be as slick and sleek or relaxed and tousled as you want. Loose waves are suitable for any style of dress, but work great with low-back and sleeveless dresses.


For those with naturally curly hair, leaving it down and curly for your wedding day is a great option. Not only do you get to show off your unique natural beauty, you also won’t have to worry as much about hair falling out of updos or losing its shape.

Curly Updo

A curly updo can be achieved by anyone, with or without natural curls. This hairstyle combines the ease of an updo, which keeps your hair off of your shoulders, and the allure of curls. You can make it as sleek or relaxed as you want, depending on the style of your dress.


Putting hair half up is another way to combine looking good with feeling good. You get the soft beauty of hair down, while keeping it back and off your face for photos and partying. Use a clip or flower in the back of your head to really make the look elegant.


The classic chignon is one of the top wedding hairstyles for medium hair, and with good reason. It is easy to create an elegant and refined style that radiates with both vintage and modern dress styles. Add a pin or other accessory to add drama to your look.


Ponytails are great wedding hairstyles for medium hair, and can channel everything from Kim Kardashian’s sleek look to vintage bouffant. No matter what style of dress you wear, there is a way to tailor your ponytail to match both your personal style and wedding theme.

Ballet Bun

Ballet buns are great for brides who want to wear a veil, since they sit in the middle of the back of your head. They are also well-suited for tiaras – it’s no wonder they are the prototypical beauty queen style.

Braided Bun

A braided bun is another classic Bohemian bride look, great for those with medium length hair. You can wrap braids in a loose bun, or keep them tight for a more formal, Greek-inspired look. Adding flowers throughout your braids will really cap off a natural look.


Braids are another hairdo that can be tailored to just about any style. Add some flowers to a relaxed braid and you have a bohemian look, or go for a French braid that is classically elegant. Braids are great wedding hairstyles for medium hair because they’ll keep your hair off your face.


Vintage styles are popular for weddings these days, and brides with medium length hair have plenty of options. Tight waves can help the hair look shorter in a retro-bob style, and side parts will heighten the vintage drama. Add a vintage hairpin to enhance the effect.

Retro Weave with Bangs

For those brides who want a pin-up look for their weddings, a retro weave with bangs will make you Bettie Page in no time. Shorter bangs and sharp curls at the ends of your hair are key to the look.

Loose Updo

For those with Bohemian styles, a loose updo is one of the most relaxed and gorgeous wedding hairstyles for medium hair. When paired with flowers it is great for rustic or casual weddings, and it suits dress styles like shifts and flowing linens.

Low Knot

A low knot is an excellent choice of hairstyle for those who are wearing veils or other headpieces. You can keep the bun simple, or add clips, flowers, or other accessories that can make it both simple and elegant. Medium-length hair lends itself well to low knots.

Wavy Updo

The wavy updo is a great hairstyle for brides who want to look relaxed and natural. It is easy to create, and can frame the face for a romantic look. These are great when paired with flowing dresses, and are particularly suited for flower embellishments.


The roll is a classic hairstyle for brides, and for good reason. Despite the fact that it looks clean and elegant, it is surprisingly easy to do. It is like making a bun, but without forming it entirely, and instead tucking the hair in with a pin.

Elegant Updo

Opting for an elegant updo is a popular choice for brides with more formal weddings. A French twist or bun style combined with a slick hairline lead to a classic style that represents grace and elegance. Add a flower to make things more casual, or a tiara for the ultimate in formal.

Side Bun

Channel European glamor with a side bun. These elegant styles can be kept slick and sleek, or left loose and casual. The versatility of these styles allows you to add a single flower for a formal wedding, or a group of flowers for a rustic one.

Vintage Updo

Vintage updos are easy to create in a variety of styles. Incorporate finger waves slicked to the side of the head, or leave them looser and pair with a headband or flowers for a retro look.

Rustic Updo

A rustic updo is great for casual, no-frills wedding. These wedding hairstyles for medium hair can be great ways to add texture to more limp hair, and can use braids or twists keep hair off the shoulders. Added flowers are perfect for the ultimate bohemian look.


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