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3 mistakes brides must avoid when deciding on a wedding hairstyle!

Don’t confuse your hairstylist

A usual mistake most brides tend to make while zeroing in on a hairstyle is that they show far too many bridal hairstyle images on google etc. for inspiration. Now that can confuse your hairstylist, and s/he may not say that to you. So, it’s better that you decide the 2-3 hairstyle inspiration you like the most for yourself, and show only those to your hairstylist.

And always ask for your hairstylist suggestions too – because, what may look good for someone, can look the opposite for you. That is why, it’s so important to choose the right hairstylist – someone who is an expert at bridal hairstyles. And always give your stylist freedom to get creative. Most experts are at their best when you tell you trust their creativity and expertise.

Please be realistic

Going to your bridal hairstylist with unrealistic expectations and freaky assumptions is a guarantee to a bad outcome. Considering your hair-length, hair-texture, hair-density, hair-color – some hairstyles are not possible or not recommended for you. If you go with an expectation to have the same hairstyle as that of some actress, and look exactly the same – please be assured it’s a recipe for sheer disappointment. Even if you get the “same” hairstyle, you cannot look the same. Remember, you are you!

So just be realistic to get what you look good in, and have a happy wedding. Go to your hairstylist with an open mind. Experts, like the ones are Cleopatra – know their job and can do awesome things if you just share with them what you want, and then allow them to do their best.
Don’t ask everyone

Another mistake that brides make is asking for too many opinions and suggestions. Don’t ask ten people! A couple of opinions and suggestions are good enough.


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