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Thinking to bare your legs this summer!

The scorching heat is on.  Are you feeling the temptation to go easy and bare your legs?

Err…not feeling too confident?

Wondering how your bare legs will look if they aren’t in the best shape you would like to have?

Nothing to worry. Yes, even if your legs aren’t the best shape you would like. You can still prep up your legs. And make them look beautiful. Really!

 Here are the quick tips you can try


For your legs to look silky smooth, keep an eye on the in-grown hairs too. And that’s where exfoliation can play such an important role. So exfoliate well and do this frequently using a gentle, non-drying scrub.

Make Dry Body Brush your leg-friend

Your legs will thank you if you regularly use a dry body brush to prep your legs. You can see the results fast. A dry body brush when used on legs sloughs off the dead skin cells of your legs. And of course, makes the boost circulation better.

 Moisturize your legs

Your legs will look so much better if the leg-skin is well-hydrated and is supple. Just moisturize your legs well using a good moisturizer.

Add that subtle sheen on your legs

Apply a very thin layer of oil on your legs. Gently massage your legs just before going bare-legs. It adds a subtle sheen on your legs and makes such a difference. Try it and see yourself. You will start loving your legs.


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