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Miss, are you tying the knot this year? Start your beauty campaign NOW!

The day a woman wants to look the mo…ost beautiful is her wedding day. And that’s perhaps the only time when she plans for her look, makeup, hair style, wedding dress, accessories etc. consciously as well as sub-consciously – for days and months, without a break!

The best plan to ensure that you look your best on the wedding day is- kicking off the implementation of the plan as early as possible, rather than just keep planning.

Ideally, you should start your beauty campaign six months in advance. So, if you are tying the knot in the next four to six months – this is just the right time for you to pull out all the stops. And start!

Do you want to book a beauty and makeup consultantwho canhelp you decide the look and makeup for the wedding day? And help you achieve your beauty goalsbefore the wedding? Then book one early.

And make the decision judiciously by assessing who has the expertise and the credentials to get it right for you. Remember, a beauty consultant is not just a makeup artist who will doll you up on the day and it’s done.

Instead, abeauty consultant will talk to you and ask you about your likes and dislikesfor different makeup styles, how and when you think you look the most beautiful, your usual makeup style, what you think is your best facial feature, what your personality is like, how you want to see yourself on the wedding day, any wedding style or theme you are planning, your lifestyle, work and rest schedule, and what you eat etc etc.

Too many questions?

In fact, the morea beauty professional asks you, the better it is for you.

Start your skincare, now!

Flawless, refreshing skin doesn’t happen in a week or a month. It’s a result of continual skincare and overall healthcare. Good makeup is not to hide, but to highlight the good things you have. And skin is the base of it all. So, if you take care of your skin, you can look a stunner on your wedding day.

You must know your skin-type. And based on whether you have dry skin or oily skin – you need to zero in on your type of face packs, facials, massages, and products. Likewise, your lip care, hair care, and beautifying your hands, feet, arms, and legs – all call for good amount of time, know how, and the right methodology. The earlier your start, the better you look!


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